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Revolution foods is a health and nutrition brand established in 2011. The company specialises in plant based protein powders and health supplements.
The brand ethos focuses on quality. This equates to the development of products that are 100% natural and free from artificial additives that are found in many nutritional supplements. All products are completely GMO, dairy, gluten and soya free. We adopt an environmentally friendly approach to sustainability. We plant a tree for every sale made and have recently removed all hard plastics from the packaging to reduce our carbon footprint.

Three life long friends created the revolution foods brand, based off a passion for nutrition and natural health. As part of the business development in the early stages, they studied diplomas in nutritional therapy. Using their knowledge of nutritional science, superfoods and herbs, the team developed a market leading product range that is sold and distributed worldwide.

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2. Visit www.revolution-foods.com

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Please contact the team if you have any questions on [email protected]

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